Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Back Door" Gun Control Efforts

Some jurisdictions in the United States, realizing that they continually lose outright gun bans as being unconstitutional, have tried to pass "back door" legislation to get around those Constitutional challenges. They have tried to ban certain "classes" of weapons such as weapons classified as "assault weapons" that have certain legislatively defined characteristics such as folding stocks or muzzle flash suppressors. And those have had limited success depending on the jurisdiction and the courts covering those jurisdictions. When one city outlawed "gun dealerships" within the city limits, the Supreme Court determined that that was effectively denying its law abiding citizens access to firearms they were entitled to under the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Other "back door" attempts at gun control legislation have included local registration, ammunition registries, excessive pistol permit application fees and even "gun buyback" programs have been aimed at limiting guns in the hands of local citizens. Do any of them work? We have already established in previous postings that gun control laws are outright ignored by criminals, diluted by prosecutors and judges and that some honest "law abiding" citizens feel that they have been legislatively "deprived of their right to defend themselves and their families" just as they were by the Sullivan Laws of New York back in 1913. If "gun control" was the solution to eliminating crime in the United States, I would have advocated it throughout my 40 year criminal justice career and would have been a hero writing about it.