Monday, October 27, 2014

"Crime Control;" not "Gun Control" - A Common Sense Approach

With crime rates of of control in New York's major cities during the early part of that 25 year period from 1987 to 2012, police departments and politicians sought solutions. Common Sense actually prevailed as law and order politicians targeted the offending populations. New York City found that the same guy who was jumping the turnstile in the subway, once apprehended for that minor violation was actually in possession of an illegal handgun used in a homicide earlier that week. So they started targeting career criminals at all levels. Gang units were created to specifically go after the increasing gang activity that was controlling certain neighborhoods where crime rates were highest. Rules were set to keep known criminals from residing in public housing projects. New York State built more and more prisons to house career criminals.  AND, homicide and other crime rates started dropping!
These actions were consistent with the recommendations of the 1987 commission and were effective.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Next 25 years - 1987 to 2012

Regarding Gun Control legislation not much changed in this 25 year period. There were a few minor amendments to the gun control laws of New York State. But overall it was quiet. Law abiding citizens, about 550,00 of them, had legal pistol permits in New York State. Gun crimes continued in New York State, but not by legal pistol permit holders. Millions of New Yorkers continued to own shotguns, rifles and even the legally defined "assault rifles". No permit needed unless it was fully automatic. That meant one pull of the trigger would trigger a continuous hail of bullets. Those had been banned since the organized crime era of the 1930's by the Federal Government, as well as the State of New York. New Yorkers continued to have the right to protect themselves and their families with firearms of their choice with limited restrictions. Life was generally good and safe in the rural and small town areas of New York. The major cities however, continued to have crime problems from drug dealers and gangs, including "drive by" shootings over turf wars using illegally obtained and unregistered weapons.