Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Why Do Americans Need Guns, Anyway?

The following article was written in about the year 2000 to address this issue. It is as appropriate today as it was then. With the average police response time nationally at 11 minutes as of this writing in 2014, think about what you will do in those agonizing 11 minutes when someone is breaking into your house. (If you live in Detroit, it may be as long as 58 minutes you will wait for a police response.)

Common Sense Gun Control
By: Roger Fulton, Ph.D., Criminal Justice Management, Captain, NY State Police, (Ret.)
That’s a good question. And it is one that deserves a simple answer.
To protect themselves and their loved ones.
"But we have the police to protect us," you may counter. And you are right. Usually.
When a crime has happened, is about to happen, or even if we are afraid, most people in the United States simply dial 911 for help. That’s nice, and a great system. But what do you do while it takes police officers 3, 5, 7 or in some cases, as much as 45 minutes - or more - to respond to your request for help?
If you cannot successfully protect yourself and your family during that delay, you may be a dead victim when the police finally do arrive. You and yours may still be alive; but maybe not.

Need more info on this whole personal protection topic? Let’s take a look at a couple of serious problems which have occurred in this country in recent years. Could you successfully defend yourself and your loved ones, without a gun, in the following reality-check situations?

Hurricane Andrew devastated southern Florida and particularly hit the area of Homestead, Florida with winds of up to 160 miles per hour. Homes were blown away. There was no power, no telephone and no food or fresh water. Disaster relief could not even get into the area due to debris and the wholesale destruction caused by the hurricane.
Within hours, those who had food and water, were being accosted by those without, who wanted food and water. Those life sustaining supplies were then looted from the survivors who had them, by those who wanted them. In some cases the looters threatened honest citizens with a variety of weapons, from sticks to guns, to obtain food and water.
As time went on, the desire for food and water got stronger, as did the tactics and amount of force used to steal them. After the third day, disaster preparedness officials went on national TV begging for help before anarchy completely ruled the disaster area. Disaster relief ultimately arrived, but not before many honest and unprepared citizens had been robbed by desperate and armed thugs.

Where would you, as an honest citizen, have been in the food chain during this actual disaster? Could you have protected your family’s food and water from armed predators willing to steal everything you had? Without a gun, you would have been defenseless.
After the infamous Rodney King trial, the South Central area of Los Angeles erupted in a riot of proportions seldom seen in the United States. Arson, snipers, rioting and looting were the rule in some areas. The police were overwhelmed. In most cases the best they could do was to protect city buildings, and cover fire crews who were often being fired upon by snipers. The carnage lasted for days, with more than 60 deaths.

With the police overwhelmed, and rioters and looters in the streets, where would an unarmed citizen find themselves on the food chain of the riot? Armed citizens were able to protect their families and property from looters and arsonists. Unarmed citizens fell victim to marauding gangs of looters. In some cases those unarmed citizens lost their most valued possessions.
As much as we like to think of our America as a civilized and progressive society, we must recognize that the division between a civilized society, and anarchy, is a delicate one. When the police are overwhelmed, it is up to us to protect our families and possessions. That has always been the American tradition.

We hope it never happens to you, but when anarchy rules the streets, where will you be? Will you be an honest, armed citizen, capable of deterring the most violent of predators, or will you be a willing victim due to your lack of resolve and preparation?
We hope you will never have to answer that question. However, natural and man-made disasters will always be an unpredictable factor in our lives. The question remains, "Are you prepared to defend yourself and those you love?"
It may be a looter who wants your life-sustaining water, or a sexual predator after your children. The question you need to ask yourself is, "What will I do when the phone lines are dead?"
It’s your decision.

Bio: Roger Fulton retired from the New York State Police as a Captain. He completed his graduate work on the Issues of Gun Control and Its Effectiveness. He is now trying to interject common sense and facts into the emotional debate over gun control in the United States in 2014.

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