Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Legal success in the future - Some conclusions from 1987

1. Future legislation should be based on adequate research.
2. Future legislation should target the offending population without adding unreasonable burdens to the law-abiding population.
3. Any new legislation should include sufficient resources to properly train law enforcement personnel, prosecutors and judges in the new law, its purposes and goals.
4. Existing loopholes should be evaluated  [and closed] with a view toward strengthening  the law as it applies to the offending population.
5. A penalty for violating the law must be swift and sure if it is to be a deterrent to criminal conduct.

Currently, the criminal justice system in New York State is not meeting this challenge. Whether it is the fault of the law, law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, or a combination of the various segments, steps should be taken to ensure that the system meets the challenge before it.

Source: An Overview of the Handgun Control System in New York State by Roger V. Fulton, Spring, 1987

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