Sunday, July 13, 2014

Who was doing the gun crimes?

The Police Foundation's 1987 study undertook evaluation of who the gun offenders were. No other study had clearly identified who was guilty of possessing and unlawfully using handguns in New York State. Their findings were enlightening and could be critical to understanding the total problem.
"Most gun offenders were between 18 and 25. One half were black. One half had not completed high school. Although 2/3 had prior misdemeanor and felony arrests, few had been convicted of these crimes."
"Perhaps the entire Police Foundation study of the handgun control law [of 1980] can best be summed up by the tile of Chapter Six of that report:  CONCLUSION: OVERSOLD BUT NOT NECESSARILY USELESS."
 Sources: Police Foundation, The 1980 New York Gun Law; An Evaluation of its Implementation and Impact," Final Report to the National Institute of Justice, January 9. 1987 and
An Overview of the Handgun Control System in New York State by Roger V. Fulton, Spring 1987.

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