Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Legislative Focus - Not solving the problem

In 1987, after extensive research into the crime problems of New York and the legislative history of more than 75 years of increasingly punitive gun control laws, Roger Fulton wrote:
"Few criminals apply for permits for their guns and few permit holders become criminals. The simple logic of this situation indicates that more general legislation will not solve the problem. For over 75 years, the legislators have tried to impose legal standards on an element of society which ignores the law and also has few ethical standards."
"The burden of  these laws has fallen , not on the law violator, but on the law-abiding citizen. There is little equity in a system that threatens a law-abiding permit holder with up to six months in jail  for failure to change his address, when a majority of persons arrested for illegal handguns spend no time in jail."
"The Police Foundation study has identified the offending population as being urban and young with previous arrest records. Yet most permits in New York State are held by persons in rural or suburban areas with no arrest records. Legislators should target the offending population, not the law-abiding population, if they expect their efforts to be effective."
Source: An Overview of the Handgun Control System in New York State by Roger V. Fulton, Spring, 1987

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