Monday, June 23, 2014

Law abiding citizens and Gun Control Laws

In contrast to the last entry that 'Criminals Don't Obey Laws", back in 1987 we personally interviewed the man in charge of the New York State Pistol Permit Section for the previous 14 years. Here is the summary as excerpted from that interview. As you read this, keep in ind that New York's crime rates, including homicides were rising to record levels during this time period.
"It should be noted that Lieutenant Lee O. Thomas, Officer in charge of the State Police Pistol  Permit Section for the past 14 years, stated that there have been so few of these cases where licensees were arrested for any crime that he doesn't even keep records of them after the case is handled. This despite the fact that there are over 500,000 licenses outstanding in the state."
Source: Personal interview with Lieutenant Lee O. Thomas, Officer in Charge of the Pistol Permit Section of the New York state Police, Albany, NY. January 19, 1987
It seems that "Law Abiding Citizens DO Obey the Law!"

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