Thursday, May 15, 2014

More Gun Control Laws - 20 years later - The Sullivan Lawst

Twenty years after the 1881 handgun law was passed, crime was still rampant in New York City. So the legislature passed a series of additional gun control laws, collectively known as The Sullivan Laws, named for their sponsor Timothy D. Sullivan of New York City.
These laws raised the unlawful carrying of an unlicensed concealed weapon to a felony, as well as requiring a police license to purchase a firearm. This new law was highly touted as the cure for the high crime rates and would get criminals off the streets of the cities of New York.
(Excerpted from An Overview of the Handgun Control System in New York State by Roger V. Fulton, Spring 1987).

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  1. This is from THE Roger Fulton of Tucson, Arizona, a kindred spirit of my distant relative of Cortland. let me add the following. When Wyatt Earp et al entered into the OK Corral Oct of 1881, they did so lawfully, in pursuit of the Clantons and McLaurys who were armed to the teeth in violation of town ordinances. The attendant shootout provoked by the attempt to disarm the drunken cowboys was a lawful one. Doc and Wyatt were subsequently exonnerated.