Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gun Control in America - Facts; not Emotions

The debate about the 2nd Amendment and gun control in America has been raging recently as strong as ever. That's generally a healthy thing in our democracy. But the misinformation, the groundswell of emotional rhetoric and the political posturing on both sides has driven me to re-enter the fray. 
I got my graduate degree from the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, a part of the New York State University System. While there I did a great deal of my research on, Guns and Gun Control, especially in New York State. I studied the history, the issues and the controversies. I studied under Professor Alan Lizotte, Ph.D., a recognized expert in the field of gun control issues and an outstanding researcher. He was on the committee that studied my final research and approved it, as did two other esteemed professors.
I went on to complete a career with the New York State Police, retiring as a Captain. So over my career I learned a little bit about crime and criminals - and their guns. So I have been exposed to and learned both the academic and the practitioner sides of the gun control issues and debates.
As I write this Blog I shall try to interject some actual facts and common sense into the entire gun control debate across local, state, national and international boundaries. 
Will I succeed in that goal?
We'll see.
Roger Fulton

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